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SANSHOU / SANDA (Free Combat)


That is the Sport Fighting System for the Wushu Champion. In the Long Hu Quan Wushu Association, we work about the Wushu variant in a Specific Training Programme.

Sanda or Sanshou, Free Combat, is the crystallization and implementacion of the attack and defence techniques of the China Wushu.

It is the result of wide studies of the chinese goverment, joining Combat expert af all the country with clear objectives of concentrate and evaluate all kind of Wushu attack and defence techniques.

According to the China Wushu experts, with the development of Sanda or Sanshou it has achieved to going on respecting to traditional Wushu styles - no more body knocks against the trees or keeping the hands in the fever sand. All those methods which are consider unpratice, has been rejected, concentrating all the interest in the maximiun utilization of all resources the fighter has.


In the past, a Traditional style student, would dedicate many years in learing all the atack and defense techniques of his style; and because of it, we add that not all traditional styles cover all kind of fights, some of them are specialized in long reach, others in body against body fights, others are based on luxations and immobilization, etc.

But under the actual teaching system, a Sanda student can catch up a reasonable control of the combat techniques in a period of three years.

The Sanda practice is consider a essential element in the soldier's training, the members of the Police and the chinese bodyguards. In this moment, Sanda has a considerable peak in the Combat Sport World, the international level goes up gradually thanks to the efforts made by different organism involved, being each time more frecuent the interaction between the Wushu Federation of the different countries of the world.